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Tracciato Pista Binetto Bari


The Binetto di Bari Autodrome , inaugurated on 10 June 1989, is also known as the Autodromo del Levante or Levante Circuit . located in southern Italy, it is undoubtedly among the most accredited and loved track nationally. Not surprisingly, it hosts numerous prestigious events in the field of 2 and 4-wheel engines, including the Italian Superturism Championship, the Timed Free Practice and the Track Day.

The circuit of the Binetto racetrack has a length of approximately 1,600 meters . The total curves are 9, 6 to the right and 3 to the left. Therefore, the winners are must be light and agile on the wheel with strong technical skills, which allow them to face all the passages with fluidity.

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Tracciato Pista Sarno Napoli


The Sarno Circuit , in Campania, is also known as the Naples International Circuit despite being in the province of Salerno. The track is designed for karting activites and is included in the international motor sports tracks ranking as one of the best tracks in the world. The track hosts many events which allow it to gain more and more the trust of pilots and organizers of national and international motoring events.

The track of the Sarno circuit extends over a length of approximately 1,600 meters . The track is quite designed well because it consists of 9 straights and 12 curves. It also has a multifunctional facility of 140,000 square meters, which includes paddock areas, spaces for hostiliy services and reception areas.

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Tracciato Pista Tazio Nuvolari Pavia


The Tazio Nuvolari Autodrome is a jewel of efficiency and sporting beauty and a solid reputation among drivers. For 2021, its expansion is planned, with the doubling of the length of the track. This will transform it into the second Italian circuit after Monza.

The current route of the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit in Pavia has a length of just over 2,800 meters . The best known stretch is undoubtedly a straight path with 720 meters of momentum, which allows cars to reach a top speed of 272 km / h . This is accompanied by 11 curves, 5 to the left and 6 to the right. Furthermore, its technical characteristics make overtaking easy and safe, giving suspense and adrenaline to the races.

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Tracciato Pista Castelletto di Branduzzo Pavia


Castelletto Circuit is known as one of the most technical tracks in Italy, due to its particularly complex configuration. It is a medium-slow circuit that runs counterclockwise. It is made up of an exceptional sequence of curves, straight pats and ups and downs that offer unforgettable adrenaline rushes.

1,900 meters long, the track has a straight path of 350 meters and 16 different curves, 7 and 9 to the left to the right. The asphalting is impeccable and also suitable for wet tests. Furthermore, since 2017, the Castelletto di Branduzzo racetrack has also been equipped with an unmissable dirt track . For all these reasons, today the Castelletto Circuit is a must for all 2 and 4 wheel enthusiasts, from Legends Cars drivers to rally drivers, from road racers to climbing specialists.

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Tracciato Pista Magione Perugia


The Autodromo di Magione is a historic Italian facility, established in the 70s it is still much loved and used frequently. Today it is also known as the Autodromo dell'Umbria , named after Mario Umberto Borzacchini, a famous driver from Terni. Over the years, it has hosted many automotive challenges of every category, both national and international.

The Magione Circuit is 2,507 meters long, with a 750 meter straight paths and 11 curves , all different from each other. Among these, the most famous is the "curve of the wall", which precedes the straight path. Equally well known is the "hairpin", that is a 180 degree bend, which requires to be driven very slowly. This track offers pilots an adrenaline-pumping challenge.

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Tracciato Pista Vallelunga Roma


The Vallelunga Autodrome is an Italian car and motorcycle circuit located in Campagnano di Roma, about 30 km north of the capital. Since 12 October 2006 it is officially named after the car driver Piero Taruffi, who also designed it. The track in 2004 received FIA homologation for Formula 1 testing, it has been the test site of several Formula 1 teams such as Scuderia Ferrari, Williams F1, Toyota F1 Team and BAR-Honda.
The racetrack has a length of 4,085 meters of track with an average width of 11 meters, which reaches 14 meters on the finish line. The main International track unfolds in 10 curves, of which 7 on the right and 3 on the left; the radius of curvature goes from 23 meters of the "Hairpin" to 166 meters of the "Curva Grande". Here the 16 semifinalists and the 2 finalists of the GT Talent will compete.

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Tracciato Pista Adria Rovigo


The Adria International Raceway has one of the most stimulating tracks in Italy. Its 2,700 meters (which will soon be raised to 4000) are spread over a small area. This means that the race track twists in numerous bends and slow curves , interspersed with rather short straight paths. In the race, the characteristics of the Adria Raceway translate into a breathtaking challenge experienced at the last overtaking during which different driving techniques can be experimented.

The Rovigo racetrack is loved by both experienced pilots and newbies, precisely because of its extreme flexibility. Even fans of international endurance races compete on its asphalt , as it is equipped with an advanced total lighting system.

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Tracciato Pista Internazionale Viterbo


The Viterbo International Circuit was established on 7 June 2008, a few kilometers north of the city of Lazio. It has a two tracks, one asphalt, the other dirt. Therefore, it looks like a multipurpose engine system, which can accommodate various racing specialties for cars and motorcycles, including karts.

The circuit of the Autodromo Internazionale is rather fast and technical . Despite having a length of 1,300 meters, it has 16 curves (10 to the right and 6 to the left) and two short but fast straights. These technical characteristics make it much loved by drivers, who consider it one of the best circuits for training, because it forces you to concentrate constantly and it allows drivers to experiment with different driving styles and racing solutions.

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the track’s route may undergo some variations in order to obtain maximum timing precision