GT Talent's Format

GT Talent is the only international talent show that allows motorsport enthusiasts to turn their dream into reality: becoming racing drivers.

A format that thrusts participants into the powerful and adrenaline-fueled world of track racing. The support of top technical sponsors, the expertise of undisputed figures in the motorsport industry, and the work of a cohesive and skilled team ensure a unique experience for all participants. All geared towards one goal: discovering new talents in Motorsport.

The participants

Women and men can participate in GT Talent:
- aged between 18 and 65 years old
- possess driving license type B
- have never held an ACI Sport International license

Those who make the best performances (time and skill) will be eligible for the Semifinals and Finals.

In addition, Semifinalists and Finalists will have:
- coaching sessions with race judges;
- professional technical clothing;

Step 1 - The Selections

Participants in the selection phase will compete in 3 timed skill tests: driving simulator, skid test, and track course. Contestants will be guided and advised by professional instructors and drivers. The selection tests will take place on the circuit chosen at the time of registration.

The track test will take place in a randomly assigned supercar among Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari F8 Tributo, and Lamborghini Huracan Evo. Therefore, there will be 3 daily rankings with 3 respective winners, who will earn a pass to the final phase.


Driving simulator

The challenge takes place using a professional driving simulator, completing 3 laps on a race circuit that is the same for all participants. The goal is to complete a lap in the shortest time possible.


Skid test

The challenge takes place on a course delimited by cones, with participants driving a car equipped with the Skid system, which simulates loss of grip. The objective is to complete the course in the shortest time possible without knocking down the cones.


Track route

The challenge involves 2 laps on a track with a timed sector, which is the focus of evaluation. Contestants must complete the course in the shortest time possible while correctly managing braking, trajectory, and exit from the curve.

Step 2 - Final Phase

The final phase is divided into three phases:
- Qualifications: the 30 best talents of the Selection phase will compete in a kart test;
- the Semi-finals: the 15 winners of the Qualifiers will compete on the track with a Mitjet car;
- the Final: the best participants in the Semi-finals will compete in increasingly difficult tests that they will only discover by getting to the end.

The final prize

The final prize of GT Talent is a real dream for fans of Motorsport and racing cars. The best aspiring driver of the talent, in fact, will have the opportunity to follow the path to obtain the ACI Sport License and subsequently, participate in the Mitjet Championship with GT Talent Racing