Article 1 - Organizer

The organizer of the GT Talent format (hereinafter referred to as "the Organizer") is Scuderia Gentile Srl with its registered office in Milan (Zip Code 20124) - Via Fabio Filzi, 2 (Tax Code/VAT no. 11298750966). Please note that, pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/03, the personal data collected with the entry form will be processed by the organizer, also by IT tools.

Article 2 - Aims

GT Talent will take place in four phases: local Selections with skill tests, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final, aiming to identify the talented competitor who will have the opportunity to participate in a race(s) chosen by the Organizer.

Article 3 - Requirements for participation

GT Talent is open to participants of both genders, of any nationality, aged between 18 and 65 years and who have never held an International Motor Sport License. Specifically, the following may participate: car category - unlicensed or National license; kart category: unlicensed, National or International license. Only participants with a valid type B or higher license are allowed (also new drivers). The same competitor may enter several selection dates with separate entries, as long as they are not on the same day. The participation of competitors is not permitted with disabilities, or with a BS license, as the cars are not equipped with the special controls required for this use. In addition, the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs before or during the skills tests is strictly prohibited. The track staff will be entitled to carry out an alcohol test, should it deem it necessary, and may declare the cancellation of the tests.

Article 4 - Participation Fee

The participation fee for GT Talent 2024 is set at €219.00 including VAT. It will be possible to register at a discounted price, should there be a promotion communicated by the Organizer and/or collaborators.

Article 5 - Entry procedure - personal data entry, circuit and date selection

In order to register, each competitor must complete in full the online form under "Sign up" on the official website, choosing the circuit, the date, the time to participate from those available on the calendar.

Article 5.1 - Registration procedure - Participation fee payment

After completing the entry of personal data, the choice of circuit and the date that the competitor has indicated in the form, he/she will have to proceed with the payment to regularize the registration. Payment of the entry fee can be made by credit card, PayPal (option to obtain faster confirmation of the registration) and by bank transfer to the bank details available on the GT Talent website, as well as in the e-mail that will be sent following the choice of this payment method (in this case the entry will only be regularized after receipt of the bank transfer on the Organizer’s bank account or it will be possible to send a copy of the bank transfer by e-mail to Once the registration has been regularized by payment, a communication will be sent by e-mail formally confirming the registration, the details of the appointment, the circuit, the date, the time and attached the relevant invoice. Aspiring competitors who complete the registration form, but do not regularize their payment within 10 days of completing the form, will have their account cancelled; should they wish to re-register to GT Talent, they may still do so by completing the registration form again, subsequently regularizing their registration by payment. It will be possible to request a refund by sending an email to or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, no later than 10 working days from the date of payment of the registration fee. From the registration fee, €15.00 will be deducted for administrative expenses.

Article 6 - Entry number limit

Entries will be accepted up to the maximum capacity allowed by the days available for each appointment on the calendar. The software system of the website will not allow entries to exceed the permitted capacity. It will therefore not be possible to register after this threshold has been reached.

Article 7 - Rejection of entries

It is at the Organizer’s discretion to reject - on the basis of its own assessment, which is not subject to any form of complaint and is incontestable - one or more entries in the event that the aspiring competitor infringes one or more of the rules contained in these regulations. In the event of refusal of the entry, the Organizer will send the aspiring competitor the relevant communication to the e-mail address communicated by the latter at the time of the refused entry and will refund the entry fee paid.

Article 8 - Cancellation, interruptions and changes

The Organizer may vary, cancel, suspend or interrupt the running of GT Talent at any time, should it not be objectively possible to guarantee its implementation due to causes and/or external factors beyond their sphere of action and/or control. It is also within the Organizer’s power to amend these Rules and Regulations at any time by changing and/or supplementing one or more of the rules contained herein, in the event that any changes and/or additions are functional or necessary to achieve a higher level of acceptance and/or participation in the talent. Should the GT Talent program undergo any variations, the subscriber shall have no claim to any changes in the number, days, circuits, and times of the Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final. In case of cancellation, the Organizer will refund the registration fee, retaining €15.00 for administrative expenses, limited to the selections subject to cancellation.

Article 9 - Possibility of changing time slots

Competitors will be given the opportunity to change time slots and/or circuit free of charge, subject to remaining availability. The change of time slot and/or circuit is permitted by contacting the Organizer, by e-mail or telephone (you can find them in the 'contacts' section of the webpage). The Organizer will not be responsible if there are no other time slots available. The deadline for the possibility of changing the time slot is one week before the date of participation.

Article 10 - Calendar of Selections

The Calendar of the 2023 Selections is based on several dates and will be held in three different countries (Italy, France and Spain). The dates will be communicated through our channels. Each selection appointment is divided into different days and time slots starting at 9.00 am (one hour for the conduct of the tests). Selection appointments will take place between June and October 2024. Final dates and circuits will be published on the official website in the "Sign up" section.

Article 11 - Possible changes to calendar dates and circuits

All the dates on the calendar, from the Selections to the Qualifications, Semifinal and Final, may be replaced with other dates or circuits should problems arise in the program. Participants will be notified by the Organizer by e-mail if there are any changes to the dates and substitutions for the Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final. The aforementioned variations/substitutions may not be contested and, should a variation be applied, there will be no refund of the registration fee paid.

Article 12 - Check-in

Participants must arrive at the circuits one hour before the time chosen during entry. Competitors must compulsorily bring with them, in addition to the pass received by e-mail during registration or downloaded from their profile, their driving license (see Art. 3) for verification at the check-in desk and the present signed regulations. The cost of travel to the circuits shall be borne by the competitors. Competitors who do not show up on time, or who do not show up on the chosen day, will be able to move their reservation to another date and possibly circuit, again subject to availability, otherwise they will lose the fee paid at the time of registration.

Article 13 - Running of GT Talent selections

The competitor shall present himself/herself one hour before the time slot chosen for the Selections for check-in operations; within the defined time slot each competitor will perform three skill tests. The procedures for carrying out the tests will be communicated directly on the spot by the GT Talent staff, who will divide the competitors into groups; the three tests may be performed in a different order than those indicated below.


This test will highlight the competitors' ability to adapt and their driving level and the correct approach to the pre-pit exit and pit exit phases, driving position, reconnaissance on the exit-warm-up lap with a check of the various points on the circuit, the braking signs, as well as the indicators displayed on the screen, getting to grips with the pedals and the force to be applied on the brake, and then carrying out the qualifying laps, from which the best of the 2 laps will be assigned and selected. Another aspect will be how you behave in terms of SAFETY (to go fast you need to know how to drive safely). The simulator test is decisive and allows analysis and evaluation as a first approach to initial preparation procedures, track laps, braking points, respect for the car and respect for safety.


This test will highlight the competitor's ability to control the car, the ability to counter-steer correctly, to accelerate smoothly and progressively, to make the right use of the eye, and thus to be able to handle a totally new situation with the right calmness and coolness. The competitor will be accompanied by an examining instructor. The skid is a tool that allows the car (front-wheel drive) to have a very low grip on the rear axle, so that the car skids even at low speed. The test will take place on a skill course in a dedicated area (not a track), timed and equal for all. The pins/cones, which in fact create the course, will always be at the same distance and in the same position so that there can be no disputes. In the event of a fall during a trial, the pin will be repositioned by the operator in the same place recreating the original course for the next competitor with the aim that the trial will be the same for all competitors.

The event will be timed immediately.


Three different cars will be used and the order of allocation will be random and assigned on the track. The competitor will drive 2 laps of the track with an examining instructor next to him/her, who will check that the competitor's driving respects SAFETY above everything else (to go fast it is necessary to know how to drive safely). In the event of intentional or unintentional DANGEROUS behaviour by the competitor, the instructor will have the right and duty to stop the car by assigning the participant a time of 9':59".999 (maximum time). In this case the event will not be repeated and the competitor will be classified with no time and a penalty for dangerous driving. The curbs may only be used if they are the "motorbike" type (flat) and only in dry track conditions. In the case of other types of curbs they must NOT be used, due to penalty. Having said this, in these two laps of the track there will be a CRONOMETRATED SECTOR, which will include the classic phases of a bend: BRAKE - INSERTION - LENGTH - EXIT.

In the remaining part of the track a suitable speed rhythm will be maintained and indicated by the instructor, a rhythm that will allow communication between competitor/instructor, which is constructive from an educational point of view.

Pins/cones will be placed to indicate "indicatively" a correct braking point on entering a bend, so as to facilitate the correct trajectory, followed by 1 or more pins/cones to indicate the apex point.

The pins/cones, which are in fact useful reference points for the competitors, will always be at the same distance and in the same position so that there can be no disputes. In the event of a fall during a round, the pin will be repositioned by the operator in the same place, recreating the original reference point for the next competitor, with the aim that the round will be the same for all competitors. The return lap will have to be made at low speed to allow the brakes to cool down. Tyre pressure will be monitored to maintain optimum conditions for all competitors.

The cars used by the competitors will be communicated at the selection stage. We specify that the pace to be maintained during the two complete laps will be assessed by the instructor on board, according to the participant's technical skills.

Article 14 - Clothing for skills tests

Practical and sports clothing is recommended with the use of rubber-soled shoes that are not too bulky in order to be agile with the car pedals; the use of advertising clothing or clothing bearing car, tyre, automobile/motorcycle brands and logos will not be permitted).

Article 15 - Selection criteria in skills tests


The test is based on 2 timed laps of the track to record the best lap time, in addition to the reconnaissance lap out of the pits. The competitor will start from the pits with the condition "tyres/blankets ON and optimum track tyre". The competitor will have to manage the launch phase in the best way, set the braking points and start the timed laps phase taking the best advantage of the track conditions; it will be allowed to pass on the curbs, always respecting the correct trajectories with the obligation to always have 2 wheels inside the circuit, not to damage the car in such a way as to compromise stability and above all safety. The evaluation will take into account the best lap time. In the event of intentional or unintentional DANGEROUS behaviour by the competitor, the instructor or his/her delegate will have the right and duty to stop the test by invalidating it. Should the competitor fail to run the event, the time allocated to him/her shall be 9':59".999.


The event is based on timed laps of the course delimited by pins. The start/finish rectangle will be 5 metres by 8 metres and will consist of 6 pins within which one must stop. The evaluation criteria for this event are two: Time of the course: The best classified competitor will be the one who takes the shortest time to complete the course. Penalties: Each pin knocked down the front door and the stop door will be assigned a penalty of 3 seconds to be added to the time recorded; if the competitor knocks down one or more pins, a flat penalty of 5 seconds per pin will be assigned to be added to the time recorded on the course; The test ends with the car stopped inside the 6 pins of the exit area. If during the stop the car will exceed the boundary line of the pins, or the car should stop with an inclination of 90 instead of the direction, will be assigned 5 seconds of penalty to be added to the time recorded on the path. Should the competitor fail to run the stage or behave in a willfully dangerous manner, the time assigned to him shall be 9':59".999.


The test is based on a timed sector between entry and exit of a bend, this sector will include the classic phases of a bend: BRAKE - INSERTION - LENGTH - EXIT The sector of the track where the time will be taken will be marked as follows: entry with two pins, one on the right and one on the left with a white background sign with black writing "START". Exit with two pins, one on the right and one on the left with a white background sign with black writing "FINISH". Should the competitor fail to run the event or behave in a wilfully dangerous manner, the time allotted to him shall be 9':59".999. The evaluation criteria for this event are three:

  1. Time over the sector: The best classified competitor will be the one who takes the shortest time to complete the timed sector.
  2. Penalties: Each pin knocked down in the sector will be assigned a penalty of 1 second to be added to the time recorded on the sector.
  3. Driving behaviour: The driving behaviour of each competitor will be evaluated according to this criterion:
    • Dangerous / Does not listen;
    • Looking down;
    • Incorrect use of hands;
    • Abrupt driving;
    • Non-progressive throttle;
    • Inadequate braking.


In the event of changing weather conditions (dry/rain - rain/dry) during practice, the WET RACE method will be used, as in competitions, throughout the entire period in which the wet conditions exist. Should conditions return to dry, WET RACE will be terminated. In order to standardize the evaluation of the tests, throughout the duration of the WET RACE method the competitors on the track will be evaluated by applying a higher level of difficulty established by the average percentage given by the difference between the time obtained on the track in optimal conditions and the time taken on the wet track during the sector run by one of our professional instructors. Electronic stability and traction control override selector located on the steering wheel: in track conditions in WET RACE mode, the "selector" will be positioned on "Wet" mode while in dry track conditions the "selector" will be positioned on "Sport" mode.

Article 16 - Score ranking

16.1 - Day ranking

Each of the 3 tests held produces a ranking in order of the best time reported by the timing service. Since the track test will be carried out with 3 different cars and the assignment of the car is random, we will have 3 rankings. Based on the position obtained, the participant is awarded a score as per the attached scheme (16.3). The "total time" ranking will be the sum of the best times of the 3 events run by each participant. According to the position obtained, the participant will be assigned a score as per the attached scheme (16.3).

16.2 - Final event ranking

The final rankings will be given: the sum of the three skill tests and the bonus score on the total time. The rankings will be public and always visible within the aforementioned official website.

16.3 - Score tables

Download attachment

Article 17 - Schedule of Qualifications, Semifinal and Final Dates

The Qualifications, the Semifinal and the Final will be held on separate dates from Selections and all details will be communicated to the selected participants.

Article 18 - Competitors advancing to the Qualifications

3 different rankings will be drawn up according to the car used in the track test, and the first participant of each classification will access the Qualifying (3 participants per day). If the first classified is already in a qualifying, the second will automatically be chosen. The participants who will be able to access the Qualifications will be a minimum number of thirty who have obtained the highest score according to the days’ rankings. In case the number of the selected participants is less than 30, all drivers ranked second in the day's classification of the selections will be reselected. The drivers with the highest score will be classified as qualified. In the event of a tie, the best time in the SKID test will be taken into account. The number of participants required to reach the minimum quota of 30 qualified will then be selected. The participants must confirm - within 24 hours of receiving the invitation e-mail - their attendance, with a warning that, failure to comply with this deadline will result in non-admission to the Qualifications against a judgement that cannot be claimed by the excluded participant. Excluded participants may be replaced by other participants in the so-called reserves, on the basis of the order of evaluation drawn up by the Jury using the marks awarded by the examiners. During Qualifications, the Organizer are allowed to make substitutions - based on their own unquestionable judgement and on evaluation - in the event that any of the admitted participants is unable to be present, has not confirmed their presence or doesn’t meet the requirements set out in Art. 3 the convocation of the substitutes to the Qualifications will be communicated on time by e-mail to those concerned.

Article 18.1 - Competitors entering the Semifinal

The 15 participants who have passed the Qualifying will enter the Semifinal. The modalities and the tests that will be carried out will be communicated by email to the semifinalists, with specific regulations. Only 8 of the finalists will enter the Final phase of the talent.

Article 19 - Provision of technical equipment for competitors advancing to the Final and food, accommodation and transfer expenses.

The Finalists will be provided with official GT Talent clothing consisting of: driver's overalls, gloves and shoes. Board and lodging will be provided by the Organization in a structure selected for the day of the Final, while the transfer costs to reach the circuit - which will be communicated at the end of the selections - will be borne by the competitor.

Article 20 - Running of the GT Talent Final

The competitors who have been granted access to the Final are obliged to respect the timing of their convocation by accessing the circuit and at the time indicated in the e-mail communication that will be sent to them by the Organizer two weeks before the date on which the Final will take place. The GT Talent organizer will inform them directly on the spot about the modalities and the type of tests. An e-mail will be sent with the technical details for the Final. The tests to which the finalists will be subjected are aimed at evaluating their driving skills, the ability with which they have faced each individual test, the aptitude with which they have driven the car assigned to each of them, and the speed at which they have covered the entire track, which will be calculated through the use of a stopwatch. The cars used will be announced in the regulations for the Final. Competitors will be obliged to present themselves with the sports equipment they have received. Helmets will be provided as free rental by the Organizer. During the Final each competitor will drive the car assigned to him/her with the presence of an Examiner who will sit on the passenger's side seat; the criteria for the competitor/examiner pairing will be determined by the Organizer according to his/her own autonomous and unchallengeable determination. The Organizer shall also be entitled to make substitutions - in the same way as the original pairing - of the Examiners assigned to each competitor during GT Talent.

Article 21 - Obligatory requirements for the GT Talent winning competitor

The GT Talent winning competitor must undergo a medical examination to obtain a sports license, which is required for the winner to be able to compete. If a competitor does not qualify for a sports license, he/she will not be eligible for the prize and the second best competitor in the Final will be chosen, and so on for further cases of ineligibility. The cost of the sports license will be borne by the organizer.

Article 22 - Final recognition of the Winner

The winner of GT Talent will be the competitor who finishes best in the final round and will be allowed to compete in the race. The best participant will have the opportunity to take the path to obtain the sports license and will participate in one or more races identified/ and by the Organizer. The Organizer will provide full race equipment free of charge to the GT Talent winner.

Article 23 - Skills Examiners

The Organizer acknowledges that he has set up a team of Examiners/Instructors after obtaining analytical reports on the specific skills acquired by each of them in the particular field of this Talent, entrusting them with the task of judging and evaluating the competitors who will take part in the Selections. The Organizer reserves the right to change the members of the aforementioned team during the course of GT Talent.

Article 24 - Complaints and Appeals

By signing the present Rules and Regulations, participants undertake the obligation not to lodge, even indirectly, complaints and appeals with regard to the present Rules and Regulations, with regard to the GT Talent's running procedures, as well as with regard to the assessments made by the Examiners and the Juries. This abstention and/or renunciation to present complaints and appeals must be considered extended also to the times recorded as a result of timekeeping, as well as to the rankings drawn up by the Organizers, which may not therefore be the subject of any contestation and/or syndication by competitors/participants.

Article 25 - Official Register

The Organizer shall publish all notices through the official website, which shall be considered to all intents and purposes as the Official Register of this talent competition; notices concerning individual competitors registered in GT Talent shall be sent to the e-mail address communicated by the latter at the time of their registration.

Article 26 - Powers and faculties of the Organizer

- The Organizer have the right - without the participants being entitled to make any financial claim whatsoever against the Organizer and/or their assignees and/or third parties and without any space or time limitation, also with a view to future promotional events - to implement, on the occasion of the Selections, the Qualifications, the Semifinals and the Final, one or more activities aimed at promoting and/or publicizing GT Talent by way of example and without claiming to exhaust - through the following list - the scope of activities reserved for the Organizer: sponsorship of events of all kinds and nature, television and radio broadcasts and formats (Talent, Reality, etc.. ) television and radio broadcasts and formats, internet media, telepromotions, sponsorships, merchandising, advertising campaigns, as well as allowing - without any expectation of remuneration - the execution and relative diffusion of photographic, television and audio/video recordings on all types of media, even if physically carried out by employees and/or professionals with authorisation for this purpose issued by the Organizer.

- The Organizer have the right - without the participants being entitled to make any financial claim whatsoever against the Organizer and/or their assignees and/or third parties and without any space or time limitation, also with a view to future promotional events - to make recordings and/or filming and/or to have one or more stages of the performance of this talent competition filmed and broadcast by third parties on television, audiovisual, photographic and phonographic systems, via the internet. By signing a release form, each participant gives his/her authorisation to make such recordings and filming, as well as to exploit his/her image rights in connection with his/her participation in GT Talent and the related tests, also in the presence of an audience. The aforementioned authorisation on the part of each participant also includes any activities of a promotional and/or advertising nature.

- By signing these Rules and Regulations each entrant declares that he/she accepts and acknowledges that the Organizer is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights relating to the name, brand and image of GT Talent. Concerning the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinals and Final, as well as with regard to their use and exploitation. The Organizer may dispose of the rights reserved and due to it according to its own autonomous and unquestionable determinations.

- In particular, the following rights shall accrue to the Organizer (who may dispose of them without time and/or space limits)

  1. the image rights for the use of photographic reproductions in any kind of printed media (newspapers, periodical magazines) and in books the rights of production, use and broadcasting on radio and television, cinema, "home video", through the Internet, "wireless" and related technologies, as well as through any other support, medium and broadcasting system, whether material or digital, present or future, using any terrestrial or spatial technical means of transmission and reception, present or future, of GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final, any right of exploitation, for any purpose whatsoever, whether for communication, commercial or promotional purposes, of the name, brand and image of GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final.
  2. Participants grant and grant to the Organizer the right to use, even indirectly, and to allow third parties - including the sponsors/partners of GT Talent - the right to use, even outside national borders and without any obligation of prior disclosure and/or provision of any form of financial remuneration in favour of each participant:
    • the names, trademarks, images in any form reproduced and the results achieved by the participants entered in GT Talent as reported in the respective rankings
    • the images of the cars and of the competitors as part of their respective participation in GT Talent and in the respective Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final, are for the purpose of commercial and promotional communications, including the right to produce and have produced merchandising items and communication and/or promotional materials.

Article 27 - Responsibility

The participant assumes full responsibility in every respect for the truthfulness of the information provided in the registration form and in any further request made by Scuderia Gentile and the persons in charge of running the driving courses. The supervision carried out by the instructors during the activities does not in any way constitute the assumption of responsibility by the instructors themselves and Scuderia Gentile for any mistakes that the driver participating in the course may cause, with the direct and indirect damage to property and / or persons resulting therefrom. The participant therefore issues the broadest declaration of assumption of responsibility releasing the organizers, the instructors, Scuderia Gentile and the host racetrack from any and all civil, criminal and administrative liability for facts deriving from his behaviour and from his actions or omissions except as described in point 27.1.

27.1 - Damage to cars

The participant acknowledges and recognizes that the actual driver at the time of the event is liable for all damage to vehicles. Damage to cars is considered to be both damage caused by the vehicle going off the track and damage resulting from collisions between vehicles. As far as damage to the vehicle is concerned, the organizer is therefore exonerated from any kind of damage as the actual user is solely responsible, with the exception of the following.

Road cars and GT cars: The driving of road cars and GT cars is characterised by the fact that one of our instructors gives the technical and safety information while driving as he/she is at the passenger's side. For this reason the customer, while only paying the course fee, is nevertheless indemnified against the cost of repairing the cars in the event of an accident caused by him/her, subject to the provisions of Article 27. It is understood that damage inside the pit lane and/or to stationary cars, caused by total and obvious negligence on the part of the participant and non-compliance with the safety rules given by the instructors before and during the driving of the cars, (by way of example only, e.g. the use of alcohol during the track day, or non-compliance with the braking start point), is the full responsibility of the person who causes it.

Article 28 - Specific Rules

By signing these Regulations, participants declare:

  • that they are in a physical and mental condition suitable for their participation in this talent competition and that they are appropriately prepared and qualified for the actual GT Talent and its Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final (as described in these Rules and Regulations), which they declare they have read and viewed, knowingly approving each and every provision set forth herein without reservations and/or exceptions, thereby undertaking to fully comply with its contents;
  • that they have checked that the application allowing them to participate in this talent competition has been correctly completed by entering and communicating complete and reliable data and personal details;
  • that he/she has received adequate and full information from the Organizer, that he/she is fully aware of and accepts in full (i) the potential dangers associated with the actual and specific way in which GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final are conducted; (ii) GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final may involve dangerous and risky situations that may result in personal injury or serious personal injury, including partial or total disability, paralysis and death ("Risks") ; (iii) the detrimental consequences of any category and qualification to one's own person, heirs and/or third parties, resulting from the "Risks" as described above, could take on even serious dimensions and/or connotations (iv) the cause of the "Risks" may be caused by actions, omissions or negligence attributable to the competitor/participant or by actions, omissions or negligence attributable to third parties or due to the conditions in which GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final will be held; (v) there may be other risks and/or prejudicial situations and/or damages that are not known or foreseeable at the time of the approval and signing of these Rules. Entrants therefore declare that they accept all risks, none excluded, assuming all responsibility for losses, costs and damages consequent to and/or in any way related to their participation in GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final competition and/or any activity connected to the same, declaring to indemnify and hold harmless the Organizer, its officers, directors and employees, collaborators, sponsors and partners from any and all liability, claims, demands, loss or damage to his/her person, arising from any pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss and their consequences that may arise as a result of his/her participation in GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal, Final and final competition;
  • the parties benefiting from the aforementioned indemnity and/or disclaimer of liability shall not be held liable for errors, omissions, negligence or for the performance - on their behalf by third parties - of specific activities in connection with GT Talent and the related Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal, Final and final competition;
  • to undertake to indemnify, in all extrajudicial and judicial disputes, including for legal fees and expenses, holding harmless the recipients of the aforementioned undertaking/obligation to indemnify from any claim for any reason and/or reason whatsoever and from whoever proposed in relation to damages deriving from damaging events occurring during the course of GT Talent and the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal, Final and final competition;
  • to give its consent and authorisation that the Organizer, its sponsors and/or partners may (i) use and utilise, even indirectly, for information and/or training purposes and/or for archiving requirements and for the achievement of objectives and/or purposes related to its corporate purpose, images of participants during the course of competitions and in any format, even partial, as well as any oral or written information relating to or connected with their participation in GT Talent at any stage. This authorisation covers images of the competitor / participant obtained as a result of photographic, video and/or other audiovisual material and their uploading, publication and dissemination on and through all communication channels owned or managed by the Organizer, including the Internet / intranet and any social network; (ii) record, reproduce, disseminate, communicate, publish, adapt, reprocess, print and/or use the images and elements and/or details relating to his/her person for the aforementioned purposes and without temporal and/or spatial limitations, using any medium in digital or printed form, as well as any medium currently available or that will be devised or created after his/her participation in GT Talent.
  • declare and accept that the authorisations - none excluded - given by signing these Rules and Regulations shall not give rise to (i.e. shall not give them any right to claim) any refunds and/or compensation from the Organizer for themselves or their heirs/successors, as these are powers granted to the Organizer on a non-profit basis;
  • to undertake not to divulge information or engage in conduct that may in any way damage the image of the Organizer, its sponsors or partners, on penalty of exclusion from GT Talent and from the relevant Selections, Qualifications, Semifinal and Final, as well as the loss of any recognition obtained as a result of his/her participation in GT Talent;
  • these Rules and Regulations, as well as any matter relating to the participation of the participant in GT Talent shall be governed by Italian law, taking into account that GT Talent shall take place - with regard to each of its stages - on the territory of Italy, France and Spain. For any dispute of a non-sporting nature arising between the entrant and the Organizer, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction, unless otherwise provided for by mandatory law. By ticking the box relating to Privacy, the competitor grants - pursuant to and for the purposes of GDPR 679/2016 - his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data, directly or also through third parties in compliance with legal obligations and for the implementation of these Regulations, as well as for GT Talent's promotional purposes and/or aims.
  • The ticking of the boxes entitled, respectively, "Regulations" and "Release" by the competitor/participant is equivalent, for all legal purposes, to acceptance and approval of the relative contents.

Article 29 - Media, photos and videos

During the tests it will not be possible in any way or exception to take videos and photos with one's own device inside the cars. For safety reasons, only security cameras will be installed inside the cars for insurance and monitoring purposes. I declare that I am aware that access to the facilities during the events organized by Scuderia Gentile srl implies the automatic granting of their image and their escorts (including minors), for video and photographic material for insurance purposes, marketing and/or promotional without making use of some economic claim. This material is considered usable on various online platforms, offline by the company and its partners.